God is Making All Things New

God is Making All Things New

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This resource will help you equip people without adding new programs, new staff, or new budget items. So here’s the challenge. Download this booklet for $5. Use it in your teaching preparation for 90 days. After 90 days, if this resource does not help you better equip people for every good work, then we will refund your $5. Take the challenge today. Multiply your ministry tomorrow.

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Research continues to show that younger generations are leaving the church at a record pace. This exodus has contributed to the rise of the “unaffiliated” group, which now forms the largest single religious group in the U.S. When young people are attending church, they are not connecting the God of the Scriptures to their life in God’s world. And that’s really the heart of the problem. 

Research in the book You Lost Me reveals what young adults have learned growing up in the church:

  • Only 28% learned about how Christians can positively contribute to society

  • Less than 26% learned to view their gifts and passions as part of God’s calling or purpose in life.

  • Less than 16% learned how the Bible applies to their field or interest area

Some see these statistics and see insurmountable obstacles for the church. At Novum, we see unprecedented opportunity to multiply the ministry of the church by helping you equip people to pursue all of life as ministry. The framework offered in this booklet for reading and teaching the Scriptures helps discern how Christians can positively contribute to society, how our God-given gifts and passions fit with God’s calling, discover our purpose in light of the Scriptures, and discover how the Bible applies to our different fields and areas of interest. This booklet offers a framework that helps you equip others to pursue all of life as ministry. 

The booklet is divided into three sections. 

  1. The Purpose Scripture

  2. The Story of Scripture

  3. The Novum Teaching Model

The first section argues that the purpose of Scripture is to call us to, equip us for, and encourage us in the mission of God. This purpose for the Scriptures is based on Luke 24:13–49, 2 Timothy 3:14–4:5, and Romans 15:1–13 as each text describes a purpose for all Scripture. The second section argues that the story of Scripture reveals that God calls us to join him in his mission to make all things new. This story begins with God’s purpose from the beginning to move creation to new creation. Although the path to new creation was broken by sin, God continued his purpose in creation through the promise of a child. Now God is continuing to build the path to new creation as he is fulfilling his purpose and promise in Jesus and his church. Finally, the third section develops the Novum Teaching Model based on the purpose and story of Scripture laid out in the first two sections. This teaching model provides a way for pastors and teachers to show how their churches are caught up in God’s purpose to make all things new where they are. Pastors and teachers equipped with a model like this will be able to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunity to multiply ministry through the teaching of the Scriptures. Without a framework like this, churches will continue to struggle to understand why Jesus and the Scriptures are important for people today.