Novum Consulting B

Novum Consulting B


At Novum, we want you to maximize the power of biblical teaching to equip your people for every good work. Why? Because God has given three main gifts to equip your church for ministry—his Spirit, his word, and you. Teaching and preaching the Scriptures is a high calling. Do you ever wonder if your teaching and preaching is as effective and powerful as it could be? Do you ever wish you could receive outside, objective, expert feedback from someone who wants you to be successful in your teaching ministry? Here’s your chance. Provide us with links to five of your sermons and 6-8 weeks we’ll provide you with a written report for each sermon and a summary analysis based on our teaching model. This teaching model, rooted in the purpose and story of Scripture, is designed to assess how well preaching and teaching calls to, equips for, and encourages in the mission of God.

  • Novum Consulting will evaluate five teaching samples.

  • Six to eight weeks after submission, you will receive a written report detailing a plan for maximizing the power of biblical teaching, including a report on each individual teaching sample, as well as a general overview.

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