Discovering the Story Part 1

This week is the beginning of a 4-part series inviting you to discover the biblical story of new creation. The best way to discover the story is to read the beginning of the Bible with the end, Genesis 1–3 and Revelation 21–22:5 together. So, over the next few weeks, we will take a chapter per week from Genesis 1–3 to compare and contrast with Revelation 21–22:5. This week we begin by comparing Genesis 1 with Revelation 21–22:5.

In order to compare and contrast, consider making a chart like the one here:

Genesis 1                                                    Revelation 21–22:5

Sun and moon (1:16–19)                            No need for sun or moon (21:23)

Night and day (1:3–5)                               No night (21:25)

These are a couple of examples to get you started, but there is much, much more to find. Over the next week, take about 30 minutes each day to sit down with Genesis and Revelation, pray, and jot down a few notes as you read the texts together. As you begin to discover the story, leave some of your insights below in the comments.

We look forward to learning more of how God is making all things new through your insights.