A Vision for New Creation

The Novum Institute is a theological think tank empowering creatives to live a new story in the academy, arts, and marketplace. Latin for the word “new,” Novum is derived from the biblical vision of a renewed city, a renewed people and a renewed land. As God declares in Revelation 21:5, “Behold I am making all things new,” he shares his vision of a new creation in order to awaken our imagination for this world and instill hope in us along the way.

In light of this vision, Novum’s mission is to equip men and women to tell the biblical story through the academy, arts and marketplace in order to cultivate hope by renewing imagination for living faithfully in a broken world. Novum’s vision is to transform the university, studio and workplace into a stage on which churches, ministries and Christians perform God’s new creation story before a watching world. Thus, Novum envisions renewed persons and organizations, churches and parachurches, businesses and movie sets, cubicles and classrooms, towns and cities—a new creation; and we believe that an ancient story has the power to make this vision a reality today.

Given the above, it becomes rather obvious that “new creation” is central to who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Everything derives from and revolves around God’s vision for new creation, including other important concepts like story, imagination, and hope. These concepts are not just cute, meaningless buzz words to veil a vision for no tangible, practical change. For Novum, these concepts are the key to strengthening the people of God for mission in the world. Follow the blog to learn more about how we believe these key concepts come together to form a compelling vision for what God is calling his people to do in the world.

New CreationMark Catlin