Sent To Work: Ministry Consulting

Sent to Work

What if we saw ourselves as sent to our jobs?

Not in just some mystic, “everything happens for a reason” kind of way, but in the same way, with the same weight, as missionaries are sent to foreign fields? What if our daily work, no matter how mundane, is what the Creator of the universe has sent us to do? What if we lived in the light of the truth that when we bring our faith, we are a part of cultivating new creation in our context?

Understanding our work in a Gather-Renew-Send context can change everything.

The church has been telling business people that their high-paying, secular jobs are the means by which the church can pay for real ministry – like sending missionaries. And, on the other end, people living paycheck to paycheck have by omission been told that they don’t have much to contribute.

But. If missionaries and professional clergy aren’t the only ones that God can use to build his kingdom – if all of us who are already new creations in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17), really knew that when we bring our faith to a context we’re a part of cultivating the not yet of New Creation (Revelation 21-2:5)…

  • Every human we come in contact with could be seen as a bearer of the Image of the Most High.
  • Every task could be approached as worship.
  • Every job change, a new commission.


Even in Ministry

Novum has been working alongside Tejas Ministries for a little less than a year.

Tejas is a Christian camp and conference center in central Texas. It has been serving churches and other ministries for over 30 years by providing a place for groups to gather apart from the normal rhythms of life for the expressed purpose of hearing from God. The mission of Tejas Ministries is that they are dedicated to serving ministries by setting the stage for Jesus to transform lives.

God has used Tejas in the lives of many, many people.

Yet, with the normal distractions of life and the grind of running a ministry, Tejas found that their customer service surveys had declined some. The vision that the leadership of the organization had for hosting their guests hadn’t trickled down to the seasonal summer staff who actually had the most personal contact with the guests.

Through coaching, curriculum writing and teaching, Novum has had the privilege of walking alongside our friends at Tejas to help engrain a view of work, across the whole team, that allows everyone to see themselves as sent by God to their work. Their work can be worship; their care for guests, acts of service to the King. By helping first the leadership, and then the rest of the team, start to see how each job fits into the mission of the organization, and how the mission of the organization fits into the mission of God, Tejas has seen a shift in how people approach their work and there was an almost immediate uptick in those surveys. The guests noticed the difference.

It has been such an honor to serve a ministry like Tejas; to see the Lord move in the hearts of his people in a way that allows for human flourishing AND the advancement of the Kingdom.


Natalie West