Re:framing Vocation

The Framing Narrative

At Novum our starting point is the Bible as one story from Genesis to Revelation. It's a story of God moving creation to new creation by gathering a people to himself, renewing relationship with himself and one another, and sending them out on the mission he has designed for them. Since we are living in the midst of this story, God is sending us on mission wherever we go. This means that we are sent to the workplace by God’s design. We don’t just happen to be there and it’s not “just a job.” Our work is part of God’s mission, our worship and witness. In other words, our work becomes God's ministry when we reframe our story the way God has framed his story.

Good News, Bad News

The good news is that there seems to be a growing number of Christians that believe work is part of God's mission. After Sunday we charge into work on Monday ready to serve God and people for the good of the world. The bad news is that most of us don't know how our work is part of God's mission for us. Among those aged 18-27 who grew up going to church, only . . . 

28% learned about how Christians can positively contribute to society
25% learned to view their gifts and passions as part of God's calling
24% better understood their purpose in life through church
13% learned how the Bible applies to my field or interest area

Perhaps most alarming then from the statistics above is that 87% of Christians have not learned how the Bible applies to their field or interest area. This unfortunate truth is at the root of the problem. Somehow we have allowed God's word to become irrelevant to God's mission. Our work needs to be reframed.

Our desire is for every Christian to pursue all of life as ministry.  In order to even being to head in that direction, we must be seeking to change the statistics above. Gratefully individuals, organizations, and churches are popping up to research, write, and equip folks to integrate their faith and work. But 87% is a huge number of Christians that need this equipping and more needs to be done. We are joining this movement through our Re:frame workshops. 

Reframing Our Narrative

We believe that the local church is where many of these people who long to pursue all of life as ministry are already gathered. Through our Re:frame workshops, therefore, we are seeking to partner with local churches, not by-pass them. Re:frame is a six-week program designed to gather groups of men and women together to uncover the mission of God in our job descriptions. These workshops are co-taught by someone with marketplace experience and expertise and someone with experience and expertise in teaching the Bible and theology. The workshops include . . .  

One-day, in-person gathering

Hosted in a local church, those participating in the workshop will experience deep and creative teaching from the Scripture, personal stories of failures and successes from years of ministry and work, and discussion and insight into the business world from men and women all working in the same local region who desire to pursue all of life as ministry.

Six weeks of devotionals

Broken up into three weeks leading up to the one-day workshop and three weeks following the workshop, we will send you daily devotionals every morning Monday through Friday. These devotionals will draw you into the biblical story by taking you from Genesis to Revelation, inviting you to bring God’s story to life at work by helping you craft a mission statement for your vocation. We end the six weeks by offering an optional individual call with one of the workshop leaders.

We believe that this program will help you reframe your vocation in light of God's mission to make all things new and discover what it means to be equipped and sent to live a new story at work.

Mark Catlin